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How can we find the cheapest gas stations?

With the increase in the value of a barrel of oil and the rise in VAT, the fuel prices are at historic highs. If we fill up our cars and scare us with the bill, a good way to save is to locate the cheapest gas stations. Thus, we can use multiple mobile applications that are reported where these stations and offer useful additional information.

Any help will serve to save is always welcome. And if it comes to a product such as fuel for vehicles, used by millions of people in our country to travel by road, especially because direct impact on our pockets.

Smart phones allow unburden all applications, including those that help us find the cheapest gas stations near our area. Applications, in many cases, free and other at very affordable prices, Mobile Android, iOS or Windows Phone.
Typical applications to find cheapest gas stations

Gas Stations Spain. Find the place where we are and displays a map which shows the pump. A menu allows you to filter the results and given the option to enter search criteria such as price, distance, make the gas station, and offers data such as the opening and closing hours of the station. Also, Google Maps tells us how to get. The application is free and has been developed by Android and PĂ­ntega Mobialia on iPhone.
Cheap Gas. Search for the cheapest gas stations within a radius of 30 kilometers to the point where we are through Google Maps. Indicates the price and we guide you to your destination. This application allows us to calculate how much we save when refueling over other stations marked on the map. Developed by Mobilendo, is applicable to Android and Windows Phone. Its price is 0.99 euros.
GPS Stations. Available for Windows Mobile Phone at a price of 1.49 euros, find cheaper gas stations and displays them on a map in different sizes and colors for quick viewing. You can check address, hours, distance and time of arrival. In case of not knowing how to get to the station, the navigator guides us to the destination.
Gasofa Barata. It is one of the most used applications by Android users as well as being free and based on official data from the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Energy. Indicates the economic station and get directions to the nearest. You can sort by price or distance information and has four location modes.
Z-GasoRedux. Android Application that finds the cheapest gas stations in Spain, updated every five minutes the prices of its database from the server of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Energy. The sort by price, distance and optimal price, ie, the amount of fuel increased according to what it takes to get to the gas station. It then displays the path and guides us from our current position to the station.
GasAll. Developed by Mobivery, is an alternative for iPhone Cheap Gas Stations Spain and, although with a similar operation. The map indicates the stations with the lowest prices in green and in red those with the highest. Clicking indicates the schedule, route and also shows a calculator to determine the cost of refueling by the liter. This free application allows you to filter the search by distance criteria and fuel type.

How do these applications?

The operation of all these applications is very similar. Using Global Positioning System (GPS) chip or data connection, where we are located and gas stations with the best price around. When we indicate the type of fuel you use our vehicle, a map will appear with the seasons and if you click on each of them will give us more information.

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