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Apps for managing expenses, how mobile can help us control our budget

Nowadays it is Smartphone unseating the dog and gradually becomes the best friend of man. Mobile applications are our allies for most activities almost daily and would expect to regarding domestic financial management, even more now that we have to moderate our monthly expenses and manage different domestic payments. Now we can use the technology for home bookkeeping using apps to manage our mobile expenses allowing us to control our economy in a comfortable and easy.

Saving is, in many cases, make the effort to examine and forecast expenses and money do you have available. And we should eat wisely, and get score reduce costs or simply to know what the money is going and see what is essential and what is not.

Internet also we can make life easier thanks to a series of tools that allow us to organize and rationalize expenditure. The more users we have different technological applications for all types of devices that help us balance the books at the end of the month. Some are free and some for sale, and allow us to control our expenses and income transfers or notices set and get custom reports these data, among other operations.

AppAplicaciones that help us

There is a wide range of more or less simple applications with which control our finances without too much effort. Some of them are:

Moneytracking. Internet is presented as “the free online tool to regain control of your finances.” This solution allows to know how money is spent and where will the revenue each month. It is also aimed at small businesses to help them manage their accounts easily.
Moneybox. Designed to keep track of household expenses, professional workers and small businesses. Provides access to summaries of revenues and expenses with charts, filters and statistics.
ReadyForZero. Aimed at managing the debts incurred by users. You need to add all debts along with the fees payment and the period for completion of the same. Highlights include graphics for the status of the accounts and the progress of the reduction of debts. The system also sends email alerts of upcoming payments due and account status.
Mint. Services is one of the longest-running online as manager of the family economy and one of the most used tools. However, it has the disadvantage that European users can not automate the movements of their accounts through secure connection with their banks.
AceMoney. Contains tools to carry out a practical control your user accounts: savings, loans, credit cards, etc.. Lets get comprehensive reports by category (transport or food, for example) or payments to know exactly what the money is being spent.
MoneyWell. It has a system graphically represented cubes representing different areas of monthly expenses, with which you get as much as possible to set a spending plan that barely varies each month. In the version for Apple devices is clearly the money left in each area of ​​the budget and all accounts, credit cards, etc..
Debt Free. It is not intended for daily spending, but displayed debts and help you calculate how much money to spend per month to your payment, and also calculate how much time or interest can be reduced by changing the variables.
Expenditure. Application very useful for people who travel often go and have to change the currency, as it uses its own converter that allows you to annotate and control costs in the country where you are.
My Expenses. We can create an expense or transaction with name, date, cost, do accounts classifications and categories, if they are recurring expenses, view expenses by day, week or month and make a backup of all data, among others.
MoneyBook. The application helps various icons to locate each economic operation we undertake. Visually daily reports of all income and expenses, and also offers a monthly historical graphs to check which is performed more spending.

This is a small sample of the applications that can be found on the network, but the Internet offers many more (Tupaco, Moneywise, iXpenseIt, My expenses, etc..). In order to find the one that best suits our needs we can consult blogs, pages and portals specializing in mobile technology and where often publish comparative every application.

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