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Guide to hiring the best mobile tariff

The supply of mobile services and the Internet has grown in the last five years, we need to consider certain factors before hiring the services with one or another company to get the best mobile tariff.

The arrival of new entrants to the sector has increased supply, improving and increasing the rates, services and, ultimately, the money of the products offered by telecommunications companies.

Changes in the exchange rates

If until recently we had to take into account the time in which we called on the phone, the landscape has changed since the rates we currently offer are flat, ie, no matter the time you call, and even the operator whose recipient because all calls are priced equally.

Today we are primarily two types of rates:

- Price per minute. Should hire this type of fee if we do long calls because usually the price per minute is very competitive and we only call setup charge every time we call.

- Flat rates. In this case we pay a flat fee for “x” minutes spoken, regardless of the number of calls we make. This fare type is highly recommended for people who make lots of calls and especially short.

Please note when choosing operator

The strong competition between operators causes the rates are quite similar to each other, something that downplays prices either hire operator. So are other aspects to consider when choosing:

- Coverage. This aspect has evolved over time and currently, the level of coverage that we provide the four companies with their own network reaching 99% of the territory. Yet phone companies themselves have developed and published detailed maps, so that each user can check which operator will be more functional in the areas through which it moves normally.

- Terminal. In this case, each user will have to assess what you prefer, because although there are people who choose to purchase a free terminal change “tie” to an operator with a permanent contract, there are others who choose to buy a free phone so you can change carriers and rate at the time that suits them.

In recent months it has introduced another way of purchasing a new terminal. The companies have followed the model of other European countries and now offer financing mobile phones, adding to the monthly service fee, one with some interest.

- Internet on mobile. One of the services most valued by most users. We must take into account the number of megabytes (MB) to download which includes the fee and the use you are going to take because it will not be necessary to hire unlimited rates if we do not surf the net much. We must also look at the conditions of the contract when we exceed the MB download, because sometimes we only lose speed, but in others we may charge for the downloading more.

- Physical stores. Currently have entered strong market Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO). Such companies offer their services online or by phone, but lack physical stores. This may not be more important, but sometimes there are certain problems which must be addressed in person.

- Offers and discounts. The ADSL and cable operators tend to offer better conditions when more services contracts with the company, such as fixed and mobile telephony, broadband, wireless, television. If we are to optimize telecom spending should choose a single operator for all and so benefit from additional discounts.

Find the perfect rate so much on offer and so many aspects to be assessed can be very complicated. To do this, we can use comparators rates and calculators offered by the Telecommunications Market Commission (CMT).

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