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Listen to music online for free

Websites that offer free music on demand and streaming are fashionable. With just one click we can listen to our favorite artists and with a more than acceptable.

The success of streaming music (ie not saved content, but listen while downloading) is increasing and not only among users but also between record companies, who see in this model the form to survive the piracy. There are two main factors that have driven streaming services. On the one hand, increasing all devices with access to the network and on the other, the expansion of affordable internet rates, allowing us to be online at any time and place.

The most popular

One of the most popular platforms to stream music is Spotify, with about thirteen million users worldwide. In keeping with its philosophy of enjoying music anywhere and at any time, the service launched its official application for mobile devices and now has launched its iPad app. Thus, allow users to enjoy all their music through Apple tablet.

This system allows free music, but has a maximum limit of ten hours a month. Therefore, most of its users are subscribed to one of their services or premium payment rates to access exclusive features. It costs ten euros monthly.

Other ways to listen to music online

- Grooveshark. Completely free, with the option of paying for access from mobile and tablet. The main feature of Grooveshark is the ability to find songs and play them instantly allowing also creating a playlist, which can be saved so you can listen to it on any other device.

- Rockola.fm. It offers its users the option to access music without an internet connection from your portable device applications. With this service you can access music playlists for decades, language, genres, artists and songs preset by the system. If you do not like the song can be marked for re-listening or not, on the contrary, it can be stated as favorite to appear more frequently.

- Rdio. It is a very complete system of playing music with a performance similar to Spotify. It has two pricing plans depending on the type of platform where you want to access music, but you can try without any commitment for seven days. Also, known for its simplicity of use and graphical environment.

This service provides access to a catalog of twelve million songs without limits from the browser, desktop applications for Mac and PC or popular mobile systems (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7).

- Musicovery. An application that allows us to discover new groups or artists. To do this, we introduce service when accessing parameters on the type of music that we (the environment, to dance, etc..) And gender or date. With these data, the service performs a search and offers results.

- ITunes Match. This service is limited to Apple device users connected to the network as the iPhone, iPod Touch, Macs or iPad tablet. They can listen to streaming music, if only we will have it saved and sync with the cloud servers of Apple, iCloud. This service is charged at 25 euros per year.

- Soso. Noted for its ease of use and performance. We can listen to almost any song, either on your computer or Apple devices (iPhone, Ipad, Ipod Touch) or Android. In addition to managing our playlists, the system allows us to upload our own music.

The handicap of this service is to limit access. After more than two million registered users, now only new users by invitation can enjoy advanced options such as managing their own distribution lists or upload their own songs.


Although not a download application itself, the popular social network MySpace is a good choice for music in our devices. Many bands and singers share their songs on this website, to be released to the network and launch the subjects of his recent albums. They also keep in touch with their fans and allow them to select the subjects to listen in streaming. Moreover, these applications have a digital counter that records the times you hear each topic, so that measures the popularity of the same.

Many, therefore, the benefits we provide networking, especially music lovers, because since the internet came into our lives acquire music became much easier. Moreover, the idea of ​​sharing and downloading music has revolutionized the record industry, which has created a service and a business selling alternative to classic albums and live concert tickets.

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